We are a small but dynamic organisation comprising a team of veteran industry practitioners from aerospace, food & beverage, oil & gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, biotech, high-tech and precision-engineering manufacturing industries, transport (public rail & buses), power, water & wastewater treatment utilities, data centres.
    Knowing our Clients' needs and solving operational problems is our main priority. We are a team of people who envision making business functions operate more effectively through the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

    Our key office holders possessed skills in project management, engineering design, construction, facility management and operations in Asia and incorporating Industry 4.0 technologies for our clients.

    Technology is undisputedly a driver to bring revolutionary disruption to traditional work functions. We explore new products and services that will be trendsetters for now and the future.

    We work with global experts in their field of specialties to serve our clients.

    Value-added solutions using Process Engineering Solutions and Industry 4.0 Technologies
    V2R provides value-added solutions to improve clients' financials, safety & risk management, labour productivity, energy savings, operational & maintenance efficiency for our clientele's organisations in partnership with technology specialists and using industry-focus engineering services, Industry 4.0 solutions such as Data Analytics, Internet-of-Things and Automation.

    Our Clientele
    We strive to bring solutions to our clients of manufacturing and processing plants with identified technologies to address the challenges faced by the increasingly demanding market environment on safety, quality, sustainability, pressure on low cost & high quality delivery, operational efficiency and more.