PERCO ensures a global, detailed, real time and predictive vision over operations. Its precise and advanced predictive functions allow to improve TAT, on-time delivery and efficiency to the benefit of MRO and airlines.

PERCO ensures a flexible, secured and intuitive environment. It is quickly adaptable to respond customized MRO and airlines needs. Fast and easy to implement, teams can fully master it in a very short time.

PERCO software helps MRO organizations and airlines perform best-in-class maintenance, repair and overhaul operations, improve TAT, reduce costs and deliver customers experience excellence.

Embedded with most advanced big data, predictive analytics, ML and AI, it allows to predict unexpected failures and deliver smart operational, resources and budget planning. Integrates into current ERP systems and allows development and control.

PERCO is the result of a close collaboration between MRO engineers and mechanics with more than 25 years experience and internationally recognized experts in efficiency, predictive data analytics and new technologies to answer day-to-day as well as long term MRO and organizational challenges.

PERCO helps improve efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness across MRO operations for all kind of checks and aircrafts models. It allows real time process monitoring, full digitization and instant communication across teams to reduce time disruptions. On a predictive level, it helps predict unexpected findings to deliver precise resources planning, support predictive maintenance and enhance smart inventory.

PERCO main benefits:

  ⋆Improves TAT & on-time delivery

  ⋆Reduces costs

  ⋆Most advanced production control

  ⋆Avoids work stoppage

  ⋆Precise planning and forecasts

  ⋆Enhances smart inventory

  ⋆Multi-site/bay real time control

  ⋆eSignature, eTaskcards

  ⋆Increases capacity and reliability

  ⋆Empowers predictive maintenance

  ⋆Boosts manpower productivity

  ⋆Real time teams communication

  ⋆Delivers only needed Information

  ⋆Eliminates risks of disruption

  ⋆Full digitization of operations

  ⋆Upgrades existing systems

Experience in Aerospace

Productivity and Efficiency

For almost a decade we have built knowledge and expertise to improve productivity and efficiency within aircraft maintenance, especially in hangar and related communication with airline, We have focused on operations, assets and UnExpected Failures (UEF), unveiling variables and applying advanced statistical analysis to understand what influences aircrafts behavior and performance. We analyzed the relationship between aircrafts’ use, life cycle and observed failures to obtain algorithms to help predict aircraft useful life, maintenance costs and how reliability can be extended.

Nine years with GMA (AirEuropa MRO branch) and four years in RePair European project with leading companies such as Lufthansa Technik and Boeing have brought us a high comprehensive vision of how data analytics can be applied in aircrafts maintenance and aviation.

Predictive Analytics


Predictive Analytics is an area of data mining that allows to extract knowledge and insights in order to predict trends and behavior patterns. Predictive analytic uses past events to predict unknown event of interest that will occur in the future and explained those happened in the past.. The objective of predictive analytics is to identify relationships between explanatory variables and dependent variables of the past so that it can be scaled to what is about to happen. It is important to note, in any case, that reliability and usability of results depend a lot on the level of data analysis and the quality of hypothesis. The science of Predictive Analysis is that it learns from experience (data) to predict future behaviors and make better decisions.